Are you looking for the best investment option to get good rewards in the upcoming days? Investing in shares as soon as the stock market opens or at any time during the day and then selling those same shares by the end of the day to conclude the trading session is known as intraday trading. If you are new to trading and have just created your trading account, you must know more about intraday trading.

Compared to regular stock market investing, intraday trading carries greater risk. Due to the extreme volatility of the stock markets, the majority of new-age investors lose money when they trade intraday. To ensure proper risk management in this kind of trading, you should not risk more than two percent of your total trading capital on a single trade. To prevent losses, it is crucial to grasp the fundamentals of intraday trading. Those who are completely new to this investment choice need to understand every minute detail about the process. So, it is always better to learn a stock market strategy and gather tips to get higher rewards from intraday trading.

So, here you will find a few trading tricks to make the most out of your intraday trading,

  • Purchasing open positions prior to the conclusion of the trading session is a requirement of intraday trading. You should always select two or three highly liquid large-cap shares. Due to low trading volumes, investing in mid-size or small-cap stocks may require the investor to hold these shares.
  • Many traders during intraday trading make the mistake of believing the buyer’s fallacious words. These cause them to misguide their choice as soon as they start trading stocks. The buyers start to feel as though they have made a poor decision. These fears cause them to act rashly and incorrectly. As a trader, you can prevent yourself from falling for this fallacy easily. You have to determine the entry and exit prices before starting the transaction while intraday trading. These predetermined costs will enable you to maintain impartiality and eliminate unwanted confusion.
  • The stock you have selected for intraday trading may decrease or increase in value. The relevant question in these situations is how low you will let the price drop before selling the stock. Selecting a price that you view as a square-off position is a very crucial consideration. This intraday trading technique serves as a safety net and can help you cut losses. If you are a beginner, then the 3:1 ratio tip works quite well. By following this advice, you can place your stop-loss three times below the closing price. This will enable you to make a profit.
  • Stock market forecasting is a tedious task. Based on your analysis of the market, you will frequently decide what intraday trading strategy to adopt. However, the market might move the other way when you start trading. In these kinds of situations, it is important to keep in mind not to challenge the market or become overly focused on your analysis. Selling your stock as soon as it hits the stop-loss level is a preferable course of action.
  • When you’ve decided which stocks to trade, make sure to do your homework on every relevant company. You can better understand how market conditions can affect the stock by learning more about the company. Along with that, you must hunt for any situations like merging stocks, dividend disbursements, etc. These things can help you stay updated. It will also improve your timing.
  • Last but not least is the proper platform for trading intraday. The right platform can help you to understand where to start and where to end. Also, in this era of digital revolution, your trading platform should allow you to trade online through mobile apps or online sites. Furthermore, look for a comparatively safe and secure online platform for all trading information. 


So, are you ready to start your Forex stocks and overall trading journey? Start it with intraday trading. It is a same-day trading with higher chances of smaller profits. Make sure you follow these tips and choose the right platform, too.