Every individual inclined towards investing would like to start their investing journey with an app for investment as soon as they can, and this guide will help you with all the basic information and knowledge that one needs to have to succeed in the world of trading and investing. 

If you are a newbie and require clarifications, you are at the correct spot for detailed planning and know-how that lets you reap decent returns you can add into your digital bank in the short and long term. Let us dive into the steps needed to begin trading in the stock markets.

Indian Stock Market comprises two main stock exchanges – the National Stock Exchange (NSE) along with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to trade or invest in mutual funds, equity shares, bonds, futures, options, etc. Also, all the Depository Participants (DP) are authorized with CDSL and NSDL. Two main types of trading can be facilitated in such stock markets – Delivery Trading and Intraday Trading. 

Delivery Trading means trading for more than one day, and Intraday Trading refers to squaring off the positions before the market closes in a day. 

Mentioned below are some of the requirements to begin trading:

  • A few basic requirements must be considered for commencing trading in the Indian Share Market. 
  • Create a Demat and Trading account in the share market with the Depository Participants or open an account in an mutual fund app
  • Link your account along with your bank account for conducting financial transactions. You can easily do this with the help of a trading or an app for mobile banking.
  • Choose your preferred investment broker authorized with SEBI. 
  • Assess your risk-taking capacity and then begin investing. 
  • Choose products with a low risk at first and go on to diversify your portfolio over some time. 
  • Once you become comfortable with the entire trading process, you can take your investments to an advanced level. 

Important Points to be taken care of:

For each trader or investor, here are a few fascinating insights into trade in the share market in India. This will assist you in looking out for certain critical checkpoints. 

  • Equip yourself with some basic knowledge and education regarding various stocks you are interested in trading or investing in. 
  • Beware about the risks and uncertainties. Making an investment in a portfolio handled by a robo-advisory may be a better idea than trading in shares individually. 
  • Select a tech-savvy booking platform with a dedicated team of industry experts and robust platforms where you can conduct detailed comparisons, evaluations, and assessments to cater to your investment needs efficiently. 
  • Always make it a habit to save on your brokerages. Estimate your results and also the investment in brokerages as well. 
  • Plan your investments well in advance and stay dedicated to them. Also, do not let your emotions take over the plan. 

Lastly, regularly monitoring the shares and recommendations from the brokers and experts can be quite fruitful. 

‘’The most important investment you can make is in yourself’’ – is a saying quoted by the famous investor Warren Buffet. 


To be an active trading participant, in the long run, you should learn about the methods to slice up your investments to ensure that your money is going in the right direction with help of an investment & pay app and is invested in safe places in asset classes such as shares, options, ETFs, mutual funds, IPOs, and other precious metals.