According to Sadhguru an Indian author and Yogi, Yoga means” reunion ” it introduces you to the true reality of life, the reality of existence, the reality of life and death. Why Yoga is regarded as “Complete in Oneself “? According to Sadhguru a world renowned Yogi, Yogya is a complete form of practice which involves each and every portion of your body from tip to toe, from blood to water, from heart to veins it revives your entire body and mind and clarifies your soul.


We all are a unique creation of the almighty and special in oneself .Owning your worth is the ultimate expression of self-love, it is an act of radical self-acceptance, It enables you to know that you are enough for yourself even when the world tells you are not! Tell yourself repeatedly, You are a fighter. You are kind. You are beautiful. You are a winner.

The other important question that arises is how to practice Yoga?
In order to exercise you need practice and in order to practice you need guidance, guidance from a teacher, a practitioner, a specialist. And how to get this guidance for women and especially who have newly stepped into motherhood it is very difficult to leave their children home and go for normal yoga classes for them it is a troublesome task, another matter of concern lies with Housewives, from them it is difficult to pay for their classes since they do not have any source of income , then how to solve these problems? The solution to all these problems is very simple and easily accessible. YES, Yoga has widened its ambit and is now available to anyone and everyone and for free of cost, Yoga classes online for free are now available for everyone you just need to stream whenever you are willing to learn according to your time convenience.

You will get hundreds and thousands of tutorials displayed on your screen, you just need to browse for Yoga classes online for free .You can filter according to the level, style and type. The next important question that arises is How to search for best Yoga classes online for free? So here is a list of best yoga classes online for free.

Yoga with Adriene – Adriene launched her YouTube channel three years back and now she has more than a million followers, her sessions are named as ” Yoga at your Desk” and ” Yoga for Bedtime” .These are less time consuming sessions and at the same time fun learning.

Yome – If you are searching for Yoga classes online for free ,Yome is the best option available for you, the site features hundreds and thousands of YouTube tutorials which can be sorted accordingly.

David Procyshyn yoga tutorials– This guy offers you the best Yoga classes for beginners he starts from the very basics, his initial classes will involve holding a few postures with your breath and slowly and steadily he will complicate the level