So you have tons of keywords and are confused where to start to find the best keywords for your app. After all, going through each and every keyword and selecting the best ones is a difficult task.

Most of the top aso companies use metrics to find the best keywords. Before we discuss what they are, you need to understand why keyword optimization is the most crucial step in app store optimization.

What is keyword optimization?

In a quick note, keyword optimization is a process of researching, analysing and selecting the best keywords that suits your app at its best. Almost 63% apps are discovered in the app store through searching the name or the title of the app. With almost 5 million apps and big brands in the competition, the only way you can become popular and increase your app’s visibility is through keyword optimization. It clearly shows without aso services in india, even with a good app in your hand, you might lose all the potential users and organic downloads.

Keyword optimization can really change the game of your app. It can take you to the top category or make it get lost in millions of other apps.

So, it’s as important as the concept of the app.

Metrics used to analyze your keywords:

Keyword search volume:
As the term implies, keyword search volumes means volume of searches for a given particular keyword in a given timeframe. It helps in giving the app marketers a general idea about keywords competitiveness, popularity and volume.

It is always confused with the traffic of keywords. Even if your search volume is 10,000 it might not even get 40% traffic.

Search volume varies from country to country and season to season. For example, search volume for an evergreen keyword like “pizza” or cooking is always the same. But for keywords like “christmas gifts” it changes from july with low search volume to november with highest search volume.

Click rate:
The click rate is the most important metric that needs to be taken care while selecting best keywords. Not all the keywords that have search volume are clicked. Most of the important queries are answered by google in the screenshot section. Sometimes also understanding the paid ads also get a lot of clicks.

Trends :
Top aso companies always follow trends while selecting the best keywords. They follow patterns in trends of keywords. Trends give a different perspective of keywords like giving us geographical popularity, growth and decline in search volume of different keywords and finding branded terms in related topics.

Search potential:
In the search analysis, it can be easily understood that most of the page visits depend on top ranking results. If you have good keywords which have good volume and click rates you can get easily categorised.

Keyword difficulty:

This is another metric which decides what keywords are difficult to search for on the scale of 0-100. When you have thousands of keywords, it is better to optimize them based on difficulty score and later analysse with other metrics. It’s not the right perspective that if your word is easy you get more users and conversion. Even with a difficult keyword score it can totally change your business.

After all, although it might seem a difficult process to select the right keywords, proper selection and implementation will always make you stand out