It is a widely accepted fact that English is a very well known and most preferred language in the world. It is important to be able to speak, read and write the language in a proper way. People in the past have tried to master the language. Similarly in the present times, there is also a good demand for proper skills in English related to reading, speaking, and writing.

There are pretty numerous options for you if you want to learn and master the English language. Here we will try to throw light on one of the best options. We all know about learning apps in the Google Play Store. And a very popular one is the Enguru App, English Live Talking app.The application helps a ton in learning English. It has a great interface making it easy to use.

Here we will look into some of the pros and cons.


  • It is a free app which means that you can learn English without paying any fee. One of the ways to learn English free.
  • Very friendly interface and not difficult to handle.
  • It is generally an English Live talking app that can help you practice fluent English.
    You can practice speaking in English effectively and effortlessly.
  • Learn English free and seamlessly. There are no disruptive ads to bother you while you practice speaking English.


  • The application stops working properly sometimes and takes time to load.
  • The sound system is not up to the mark on occasions while you practice English speaking.
  • Considering both the pros and the cons, we would like to recommend this application to anyone interested to learn fluent English. To learn English free, Enguru is a perfect choice. Before the final take let’s have a look into some of the important features.

Top Highlights.

  • Free English learning application. There are 599 levels in grammar and vocabulary.
  • With different levels, you can perform different activities that assist you to speak English fluently.
    Short video lessons help to learn English.
  • Fun vocabulary games enabling the clarification of concepts.
  • Social learn English and earn option.
  • Very few or no ads at all.
  • Serves as an English translator and personal dictionary. It helps to learn English fast.
  • Comprises both General English speaking course and IELTS English speaking and writing preparation course for free for those who want to study or work abroad.

Final verdict.
Having a good command over English is very important. There are various ways to learn English i.e. practice English speaking and practice English fluently. In this piece of article, we have tried to point out Enguru, a live English speaking application that helps you learn English free. You can learn English easily with this application and the reason being the top quality content of the same. Already we have gone through the features and we deeply feel this is the right option to start to practice English speaking. And it is free.

Enguru application is recommendable as it offers short video lessons as well as serves as a translator, personal dictionary and aids to build your vocabulary.