Kids are susceptible to developing unhealthy eating habits. For instance, some could be picky about the taste of homemade food. Some could be so engrossed in scrolling their phones that they often miss meals. Something totally not what a daily planner would say.

Parents typically get annoyed when kids adopt such inefficient lifestyles, so they repeatedly urge them to fix their eating habits. But, little do they realize that constant reminders to fix habits may not always work the best. Changing eating habits in kids should be a familial effort, necessitating efforts from both parents and kids. A family organizer app can be a great tool to help develop healthy habits in these ways:

1. Parents can schedule family meals:

Busy families usually have trouble arranging a mutual schedule for meals unless they use a schedule planner. Kids could be busy when it’s meal time for parents, and vice versa. Kids are usually dissuaded from adhering to meal timings when they know they’d have no supervision. Some kids may even feel detached when there’s no one at the dining table to interact with.

A shared calendar app can help parents find the ideal time when both they and their kids will be available. Meal schedules can be fixed according to everyone’s availability. Having meals together will also encourage kids to interact more with parents and other family members. But that’ll only be most efficient when all family members regularly update their schedules.

2. Apps can send reminders:

Family calendar planner tools function similarly to any other shared calendar app. Once the meal times are scheduled, kids can get notified. Parents can also customize the event card, stating what’ll be on the menu. If kids aren’t quite fond of the foods on the menu, they can request a change. Parents can discuss alternatives accordingly. The earlier a parent gets the request, the more conveniently they can include the food that kids like. This will lessen kid’s dependency on fast food.

3. Kids can get involved in meal preparation:

Kids usually get eager to try the things they make, including food. Family organizer planner apps also feature recipes that parents can shortlist and ask kids to choose their favourites. Following this, parents may encourage kids to help in the kitchen when they have the time available. It’s also essential to ensure that the kids’ attention is held until the food is fully cooked. Parents can use many ways to keep them engaged and excited, for example, by letting them taste the food at suitable intervals while it’s being cooked. 

Family organizer apps can also be used to assign the task of buying groceries. This is another way of involving kids in the food preparation process. 

If parents want to eliminate the contacts of the nearest pizza restaurants on their kids’ speed dial, they should join hands with family calendar apps. Family task manager apps can help parents find meal times and menu options that everyone would be fine with. Yet, at the same time, parents must also not enforce their choices if the child stubbornly resists food. Rather, they should try other persuasive techniques, like storytelling with food, etc.
It’ll also be a good idea to periodically reward kids for their progress. This will encourage them to improve further. Every family event planner would thus act as a facilitator of healthy habits.