With millions of apps available in the app store, it has become very challenging for app publishers to get their apps visible in the app store. Because of this, it is important that publishers understand App Store Optimization and practice it for both the Apple app and Google Play Stores. Let us get into what ASO is and how it can improve an app’s visibility in order to get higher traffic to your app.

What is App Store Optimization and Why Is It Important?

With every search made in an app store, there isn’t only one app that shows up. There are a number of possible apps that show up within the results. Like SEO for search engines, ASO is the process of optimizing app store page listing in order to improve its rankings for the app store search results by improving the visibility. A higher ranking in the search results should help in increasing organic downloads for an app.

As Google research showed, 65% of downloads come from searches on the App Store. The main goal of the app store optimization company is to bring apps in front of users to find, click and download your app. The key factors that influence app ranking and position in the search results are the number of downloads and its dynamics, rating, and reviews and a number of app launches by users.

With all these factors, you may realize which areas to improve. To optimize your app store, you can follow these:

#1 Make the Title Creative and Unique

Your app title is the first thing users see when they visit your app page, you want users to remember the app name and at the same time, you want your users to remember the app name and at the same time, you want them to get what your app is about.
Coming to optimizing your title to increase the visibility of your app, insert a potential keyword in the title. It is proved that keywords from title rank 2x time better than keywords in other places.

#2 Build a Compelling Description

Write a very interactive and keyword-rich description, put the most important positive sides in the first three lines of the description which makes users click the “read more” button. Write an appealing description, and then insert keywords only at appropriate places. Using too many keywords in the description is not a good practice, the search algorithm understands it and ranks your app lower.

The app’s full description section takes into consideration a limit of 4,000 characters and is effective for ASO. This field ought to be used as a marketing tool to app store users and should give a detailed understanding of an app and its features. Keywords from the title and short description can be incorporated into this segment, just as extra keywords. Density wise, we don’t prescribe utilizing a keyword in excess of multiple times, as this can mark your app as a scam.

#3 Create an Appealing Icon

A good icon urges visitors to download an app, and the more people do that, the higher your rank will be. An attractive icon which reveals the motivation behind the app and in the meantime intrigues is a decent method to get the user click on the app. Focus on the app store requirements when designing the icon.

#4 Add App Screenshots and Video

Same as the app icon, screenshots, and preview videos will have the same influence the number of downloads. They give users a proper idea of what your app is. Second, the preview or promo video. A good app preview helps a user to understand what your app actually is and will highlight the most important features of an app and make users want to discover more. App screenshots will give users the first idea of your app’s look and feel.

Finally, don’t forget to always test the changes you make in order to choose the most performing set of creatives.

#5 Localize Your App

While localizing an app, it is additionally important to contemplate the different use cases. Similarly, as every language is extraordinary, so is the way a user may use an app. Featuring the appropriate use cases in screenshots, just as the description, can help increment downloads.

ASO works well when it is used right and will definitely yield you good results. There are many App Store Optimization agency that will help you practice ASO well to get more visibility in order to get a higher number of downloads.

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