On average, a smartphone user downloads anywhere between 60 to 90 apps in his lifetime, making him a reliable reference when he says, “This is the best app I’ve ever tried!”. He further goes on to suggest this app to people around him, introducing more users to an app and this could be the best way an app can get more downloads. App reviews and ratings work on a similar basis and have a very similar effect on viewers, but the only difference is that typically reviews aren’t meant to be suggestive. Reviews can come in from anywhere – from everyday users to even the people who use it rarely. There are even buy app review services 2019 that generate reviews for their clients! For the 60% of people who check ratings and reviews before downloading an app, it is important for app creators to know what influence it has on downloads, rankings, visibility and even how it can be used to bring about required change.

The importance of reviews and ratings of an app in one sentence is that it affects its ranking. Positive reviews and ratings above 4 stars are guaranteed to draw in a lot more users whereas a rating of fewer than 3 stars is enough to ward them away. We can’t help but stress how great organic and positive reviews are for an app! With increased downloads and high rankings, users will be coming to your app every single time. As a tool of ASO, reviews that include keywords are a great way to bump up an app on the search results.

Now that we’ve helped you understand the importance of reviews and ratings, let’s talk about the few ways to ask for reviews. Apart from contacting a small company for their app review service, let’s shine more light on organic and existing users and how we can approach them. Making a personalised request to make a review beats many other ways to ask for one. This appeals to the user’s emotions and drives them to fulfil your request. Letting the user know your request is not spam also catches their attention. In your attempt to get reviews, try mentioning your previous work, successes, existing features and upcoming features that the user must look forward to. Requests in the form of pop-ups and notifications can gather more responses than sending out emails. We’ve also come to the conclusion that the best time to ask for a review is right after the user successfully completes a task using the app. Some apps even incentivise their users to give them good reviews. If you have a gaming app, about a few hundred play coins seem fair for a simple review. And lastly, don’t beg! The tone of your request should not be pushy, this can annoy your users and make them turn their backs on your request visit https://applytics.co/ .

Apart from asking for reviews, it’s equally important to be open to feedback that users give. Although there are many app review services in the ASO industry, organic reviews and ratings given by real users come in handy while developers are trying to figure out where they need to make improvements. Taking these pieces of feedback and working on them can better the engagement and reach you have with users. These are the small things that users love and encourage them to keep using your app. We’ve also noticed other interactive ways app businesses and creators take up, to collect feedback. This can be in the form of polls, comments on posts and even a short live-streamed video.

If you want your app to be well-liked and charting every day, you need to have regular checks on it. Reviewing and checking your app is a continuous process that involves a lot of time and patience but this process can really help you improve your app. Analyse everything that you’re users are pointing out and make changes to your app. This can take your app a long way, with respect to the longevity of the app as well as customer satisfaction.

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