ASO Tips Every App Marketer Should Know

Building an advanced app with loads of cool features isn’t enough for an app to be successful. One must not only concentrate on creating and improving the app functions but also should focus on marketing strategies. A well-marketed app will never fail in the app store. So as to achieve a higher ranking, your app should initially contact more people. This is the place app marketing comes into the image. Utilizing ASO as the main marketing strategy has been demonstrated to give profitable outcomes.

There are so many things what you should focus on when implementing ASO for a mobile app or a game. You should learn about how to maximize your app’s visibility in the app stores and make the most out of your mobile marketing strategy, and get more downloads.

App Store Optimization

As we are well aware of the term SEO, App Store Optimization does a similar job in the app stores. ASO is the process of maximizing the visibility and conversion rate to install a mobile app in order to increase the number of downloads of your app and to buy android app reviews. ASO is the best marketing strategy that has never failed to give positive results when it is done right. So here are few things to help you perfect the ASO process.

#1 Keyword Research

The most important factor of app store optimization is brainstorming the right keywords for your app. The first step you need to take is to come up with a large set of relevant keywords. To do so, you can just think of a few common keywords for your app, it is really easy to find the first few sets of keywords but, you have to work on increasing the ranking of those keywords and find the traffic and volume of each keyword. This is a very important step when you launch an app and trying to optimize it in order to make some progress in the beginning.

#2 Include Main Keywords in your App Name / Title

Apple App store allows a maximum of 30 characters in the app title and a maximum of 50 characters in the Google Play Store. Make the most of this space by adding your most essential keywords in the title. This will help your app to be more visible in the search results as the keywords in your title will have more weight. Try to find a balance between keywords and branding

#3 App Icon and Description

The app icon is the first thing your users see about your app, it is how users remember your app by. Be creative and keep it simple, it is not necessary to have the icon that is relevant to your app functions, just make sure it is creative enough to catch the attention of the app store visitors. The description space in the app store listing allows you to give a detailed overview of the functions and usability of your app. You should introduce your main keywords in the first few of the description. Make detailed research of your keywords, check out the keyword density and decide on which keywords requires more weight over others.

#4 Get Global: Localize your app

Localization helps you to grow and provides a chance to expand your listing to different countries. You need to research and find a way to localize your keywords first, don’t use translation tools. Have the actual translation of those keywords in other languages. Once you have localized your app listing and check out your app’s performance in different countries.

#5 Choose the Right Category For Your App

App category will users finds apps in stores, it guides them to find those that solve their issues. App categories are vital parts of ASO and mobile app marketing strategies. Choosing the right category for your app increases visibility attracts organic traffic an, therefore, improves conversion numbers.

#6 Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are trustworthy content for new users. Most of the users check minimum 4-5 reviews before they download an app. The quantity of reviews impacts in the ranking of your app. More the ratings, higher your app ranks in the app store. Have a keen eye on reviews and ratings, respond to all the reviews and be it negative or positive. You can increase the reviews and rating count when you buy android app reviews from reputed ASO services providers. When you buy android app reviews you will start attracting organic users to your app.

There are various app developers who use ASO as a strategic app marketing plan in order to achieve success over the competitors’ app in the app stores.

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